Jon Slaughter

Jon Slaughter is a long time listener to the show, and a native of Montgomery.  As one of the original callers his comments are often pre-empted with the song “Big John sung by Jimmy Dean.

A long career associated with web designs, social media and marketing.  Early in 2016 Dan asked Jon to come on board and assist with sales and marketing.

Dan wanted to include digital and social media in addition to radio advertisements.  Utilizing the latest in technology, and a superb design created by Big City Marketing, The Dan Morris Show launched it’s new site in October of 2016.  It’s focus is to visually bring the show to the listeners by incorporating video and print media each day with the topics Dan and Joey are discussing and to visually expose the listening audience to it’s advertisers.

If you have interest in advertising, or seeking consultations for website redesign or a social media marketing campaign contact