What to look for on Election Night

New Hampshire

  • The polls close at 7:00 pm EDT, 6:00 Central. New Hampshire is very efficient at processing election returns. We could know the winner as early as 6:45 central time. Trump needs to win this state to be on the path to 270.

North Carolina

  • The polls close at 7:30 pm EDT, 6:30 Central. This is an early voting state and they have a large uptick in new voters voting and a sizable down tick in African American voters.  We could know the winner as early as 7:15 central time. This is a Must Win state for Trump.


  • Also closes at 7:30 pm EDT, 6:30 Central and is an early voting state. Polls in this state show Trump consistently ahead. The size of his win will tell of a lot. Especially in the areas that border PA, WV and KY.  Cuyahoga County is key for Clinton, if she gets less than 400,000 votes there she loses Ohio Big. We could know the winner as early as 7:15 central time.


  • This state is pivotal for a Trump Victory. All of the polls in Florida close by 7:00 pm Central Time. Watch out for the media to release early numbers from Florida because the polls close at 6:00 pm Central for the overwhelming majority of the state. This is what happened in 2000 Bush v Gore. The key dem counties to watch are Miami-Dade County, Obama won that county by 200,000 votes. In Broward county Obama won by 250,000 and Palm Beach County by 100,000. If Clinton is winning these counties by the Obama margins up to plus 10% she will lose Florida.


  • Polls close at 8:00 pm EDT, 7:00 Central. Maine is a split electoral vote state. We should see Trump pick up one electoral vote by winning the Second Congressional District


  • Polls close in Michigan at 8:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm Central Time. Of the swing states this state is one that may shock people. We may know how this state goes by 8:30 local time. If this state goes Trump and he wins Florida it will be a Yuge Night for Trump. If he loses Florida this may be his Stop Gap State.


  • Polls close in PA at 8:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm Central Time. The county to watch is Philadelphia. Obama won that county by 465,000 votes. If Clinton is held to 500,000 votes that will be a indicator that Trump could win Pennsylvania.


  • Polls close at 9:00 pm Central. Clark County is the key to a Trump win. If Trump keeps in with 30,000 vote in this county he will win Nevada.


  • Polls close at 9:00 pm Central. This state has been to close to call. A state run health care program is on the ballot there and 67% of the population are against it. Interestingly 79% of those that are against the measure are for Trump. Watch the areas outside of Denver for a large Trump Vote.