Web Advertising

webads5The Dan Morris Show is blessed by having listeners from all over the United States.  By accessing Dan’s mobile app or simply coming to our website and clicking “Listen Live” Dan’s advertisers make their impressions daily.

Dan values his advertisers and makes every effort possible for them to benefit from choosing his show.  Using online web advertising in addition to your radio commercial is an effective way to relay your message.

A well-designed banner ad can turn your digital campaign from good to great.  We can help.  We will design, produce and place your ads on The Dan Morris Show website and can create an effective Facebook campaign increasing traffic to your site and build brand awareness. Effectively targeted campaigns can create brand influencers and reach complementary audiences.

“The down home, old friend feeling is what our listeners get when they deal with a Dan Morris Show advertiser.  Let us introduce you to our friends and our friends can become yours…”

Reasonable ad rates and the flexibility to adjust ads with a few clicks or keystrokes gives you a favorable just in time online ad campaign.  Interested?  Contact the Dan Morris Show team  by email at sales@danmorrisshow.com for a consultation.