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 News Sources for Today’s show, Wednesday, October 19,2016

Trump is ‘wounded, desperate and dangerous’ ahead of the final debate, analyst says

Ahead of the final presidential debate, political analyst Steve Schmidt tells TODAY that Donald Trump must signal that he will accept the outcome of the vote after claiming the election is “rigged.” Political analyst Mike Murphy says Hillary Clinton needs to “prove she is the only president on the stage” and make the debate about “Trump harming Trump.”

Donald Trump accuser Natasha Stoynoff says friend witnessed her running into Melania

Natasha Stoynoff, one of the women accusing Donald Trump of unwanted sexual advances, says she has six friends who can corroborate her story. And while Melania Trump has denied meeting Stoynoff after the attack, the former People writer says one of her friends was with her when she ran into the wife of the Republican nominee in New York.

President Obama turns Donald Trump feud into war of words: ‘Stop whining’

President Obama says Donald Trump needs to “stop whining” that the election is “rigged.” This comes after years of feuding between the two stemming from Trump’s “birther” allegations. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports for TODAY from Las Vegas.

Trump in Colorado: “I don’t even believe the polls”

With 20 days to go until Election Day, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off Wednesday for their final debate in Las Vegas. Trump spent Tuesday in the safest, most conservative parts of Colorado, not treading in swing counties where the state’s nine electoral votes will be decided.

Clinton expected to address WikiLeaks emails at final debate

President Obama accuses Donald Trump of “whining” about alleged voter fraud. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has stayed out of sight preparing for the final presidential debate on Wednesday, while WikiLeaks continues to release emails apparently stolen from her campaign chairman, John Podesta. Nancy Cordes reports.

FBI helps capture suspected Russian hacker in Czech Republic

A Russian hacker suspected of targeting the U.S. is being held in Czech Republic. Czech police took the man into custody two weeks ago, but only announced the arrest Wednesday. He was reportedly surprised when he was detained at a Prague hotel. Jeff Pegues reports on what the arrest could mean for U.S.-Russian relations.

DNC apologizes after tour bus illegally dumps human waste in Gwinnett County

A tour bus for the DNC was caught on camera illegally dumping human waste into a storm drain in Lawrenceville.

Troy student was searching for lost cell phone when he was fatally shot

We’re learning new details about the shooting that left a Troy University student dead. According to Pike County District Attorney Tom Anderson, the shooting happened during the search for a lost cellphone. According to Anderson, 20-year-old Michael Derek Kennedy and an unidentified second person used an app called “Find my iPhone” to try to locate the phone.

News Sources for Tuesday, October 18,2016

Email fallout would hurt Clinton more if Trump was disciplined, analyst says

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and NBC News analyst Nicolle Wallace discuss the “drip drip drip” of news regarding Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails, along with the current role Melania Trump is playing in her husband’s campaign.

FBI denies quid pro quo over Hillary Clinton’s emails

Donald Trump vows to crack down on government corruption and is opening a new line of attack over Hillary Clinton’s emails after an FBI investigation seemed to suggest that an agent accused a top state department official of proposing a deal. Both the FBI and State Department say such a deal never happened.

Melania Trump dismisses 2005 tape as ‘boys talk’; can she help Donald win female voters?

In an interview with CNN, Melania Trump is highlighted as her husband’s biggest defender, taking on those accusing him of sexual assault – arguing that it’s all part of a media conspiracy – and painting a picture of what her role will be in the White House. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY.

Former security agent said Clinton “blatantly disregarded” protocol

Donald Trump is using FBI documents to launch a new attack on Hillary Clinton. The bureau released interview notes and summaries from its investigation of Clinton’s private email servers. They show a top State Department official asked the FBI to declassify a single message. That item was left unchanged.

Election hacks tied to strategy developed by Russian general?

U.S. intelligence officials are concerned Russia is trying to influence the 2016 presidential election. The Russian government could be following a plan by an influential general. Jeff Pegues reports on the scale of the threats.

ADOC commissioner: Prison plan is solution to system problems

Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn said he was not surprised the U.S. Department of Justice launched an investigation into the state’s men’s prisons. “For us this was not unexpected,” Dunn admitted. “They are looking at the same things we have been looking at for very many years and voicing concerns of those issues.”

Controversies that raise questions about Clinton campaign

Susan Page, USA Today’s Washington bureau chief, joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the “not illegal” but “disturbing” relationship between the Clinton Foundation and its donors. She also addresses Clinton’s efforts to flip red states and the influence of millennial voters.

FBI releases more notes from Clinton email investigation

The FBI release more notes Monday from its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email server as secretary of state. The agency recommended against charging Clinton in July, but the investigation is still uncovering some surprising details, like a possible quid pro quo between top officials at the State Department and the FBI over a sensitive email.

 News Sources for  Monday, October 17,2016

FBI and ATF investigate firebombing of N.C. GOP office

Federal investigators are looking into the firebombing of Republican headquarters in North Carolina. No one was hurt, but pictures show the extensive damage. Jeff Pegues reports on what some local leaders are calling an act of “political terrorism.”

Email hacks reveal Clinton campaign’s transparency problems

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked emails released on WikiLeaks continues to expose some of the more opaque aspects of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, including how it has dealt with issues that have made her most vulnerable as a candidate. Julianna Goldman reports.

U.S. forces back Iraq army’s major offensive against ISIS

The battle to retake Iraq’s second-largest city from ISIS militants is underway, as thousands of Iraqi and Kurdish fighters are advancing on villages outside Mosul. With American warplanes and Special Operations commandos providing support, the opening phase of the fight could take weeks or months. Holly Williams reports from the front line.

Trump doubles down on “rigged election” claims

There are 22 days until Election Day, and Donald Trump is accusing the “Clinton machine” and the media of a conspiracy to keep him out of the White House. The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker shows Hillary Clinton leading the race, 46 to 40 percent, across 13 battleground states.

Chuck Todd: Donald Trump ‘rigged’ election claims are a way to not look like a loser

NBC News political director Chuck Todd says Hillary Clinton’s leaked speech transcripts could have cost her the Democratic nomination, but that they’re much less damaging in a general election. Regarding Trump’s cries of a “rigged” election, Todd says, “This is a way to not look like a loser, this is going to be Donald Trump defining victory in his own way.

Some Trump supporters are demanding ‘a revolution’ if he doesn’t win

Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged election system has some of his supporters now calling for “a revolution” if he doesn’t win. At Trump rallies, there has been talk of “rising up,” and a pro-Trump sheriff in Wisconsin tweeted a call for “pitchforks and torches” if Trump doesn’t win.

New Wikileaks of Hillary Clinton transcripts claim to reveal Wall Street speeches

Hillary Clinton is facing more fallout from newly released emails, this time with the purported inclusion of transcripts of speeches that she gave to Goldman Sachs in which she avoids direct criticism of Wall Street. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports for TODAY.

Iraqi forces backed by US troops attack ISIS stronghold to liberate Mosul

Backed by the U.S., Iraqi forces launched a massive offensive overnight to wrestle control of Mosul, the country’s second-largest city, from the hands of ISIS. The attack is the largest ever operation against the terror group. NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports for TODAY from northern Iraq.