Friday, April 21, 2017

Yesterday’s, 4-20, show was about making weed legal, and I disagreed with everything either one of you said, but I did not call because I’ve heard Joey’s reefer rant already. I’ve worked with substance abusers since the 80’s: My opinions are different and strong. On this show, you propagandized your topic the same way msm does. Exactly the same. I know this criticism will not make you happy, but I don’t care because that show has never been so good that I want to hang in and make positive comments to increase a variety of listeners. You guys just don’t take criticism, but, like msm, you think you do. All drugs are pretty much the same, even alcohol, people just have drugs of choice. We’re opening Pandora’s Box with possible legalization, and we’ll never get all the snakes back in that box because snakes, like drugs, multiply exponentially, with breeding new ones that are stronger, will “make more money for the state”, and are harmless to one and all. Thanks but no thanks.

Written by: Helen Willis

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