Radio Commercials

advertise1Radio Commercials are your opportunities to share with someone, you may have never met, the products or services you provide.  And sometimes having someone THEY know and trust believing in you is that extra push they need to buy.  Dan knows that and wants to invite you to meet his friends.  They need your service and depend on the quality advertisers we have to provide them with a fair and honest product.

The 12:00pm – 3:00pm hours are prime for you.  What is everyone doing?  Eating lunch, running errands, picking up kids or simply getting ready for round two of their work day.  This is a prime listening opportunity for you.  Whether your budget allows for a limited engagement to a full blown campaign ad, The Dan Morris Show can provide you with a vast listening audience, regular consumers and loyal patrons.

“The down home, old friend  feeling is what our listeners get when they deal with a Dan Morris Show advertiser.  Let us introduce you to our friends and our friends can become yours…”

If you would like more information please contact us by email at or by filling out our online form.

Look forward to hearing from you,

The Dan Morris Show