Forum Questions

The “Top Three” U.S. Senate Candidates Forum is Monday, July 31st at 6:30pm.  Dan is moderating the event and wants you to be involved as well!  You have a chance to ask the candidates a question you want the answer to!  Listed below are the questions that have been received so far.  To your right, type in your question.  Your name and email address does not appear we simply need that for verification.

Questions Asked So Far

1. Will you work to end entangling alliances by terminating America’s membership in the United Nations?
2. Will you work to repeal drug prohibition? Would you legalize industrial hemp?
3. To end the anchor baby problem, would you work to repeal the portion of the 14th amendment that lets anybody born on American soil via alien parents be automatic citizens?
4. Will you work to stop ALL immigration from Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and all other countries that spawn terrorists?
5. Will you work to repeal civil asset forfeiture?
6. Will you work to abolish the Department of Education?
7. Will you work to stop the insane warmongering in the Middle East and bring our troops home?
8. Will you work to repeal the abusive 95% of the EPA, OSHA, EEOC, ATF, DEA and other agencies that are strangling our economy?
9. Would you repeal the mandate to put ethanol in gasoline?

Ask each candidate....
And what will you do to end the warmongering madness in the Middle East? (Pull our troops out, end membership in the United Nations, and stop foreign aid.)

Is it fair to buy a senate seat by closing down an investigation?

Have you received money from Mitch McConnell's PAC and if yes do you feel that creates an obligation for you to support him as majority leader?

2017 Congressional Candidate Questionnaire
1. Will you support the right of all fit parents to the care, custody, and the right to direct the education and upbringing of their children, even if parents are separated or divorced?
2. Will you work to reform the more than 79 welfare programs that provide cash, food, housing, health care, and other benefits, mostly to low-income single mothers with children, by:
a. Inserting provisions to allow a transitional period to assist/allow recipients to become independent taxpayers?
b. Inserting provisions that reward marriage and discourage single motherhood?
c. Requiring recipients to work (or apply for work) and stay off drugs in order to continue receiving benefits?
3. Will you support measures to reduce the federal responsibility for family breakdown, such as:
a. End the unauthorized practice of paying bonuses to states that use federal child support programs (Title IV-D) for persons not otherwise eligible for public assistance (Title IV-A)?
b. Revise the federally mandated child-support guidelines in order to reduce the financial incentives for one spouse to initiate a no-fault divorce over the objections of the other spouse?
c. Repeal the federal Bradley Amendment which prevents non-custodial parents from adjusting their child-support obligations to an amount they can afford?
4. Will you support legislation to remove ABSOLUTE Judicial Immunity?

Trying to get the address for this mail. I want to use it to send an attachment with several questions. Maybe it will appear when I get to "send". I hear it on the broadcast but don't remember it. If it doesn't appear, I may print and deliver to the station.

Will you vote for Mitch McConnell as majority leader? Why or why not?

Very simple. One of you three will most likely be in Washington. When you are, you will have all the privileges that nobody else in this room will have. Better healthcare than we here at home have access to, you will have better retirement, privileges & opportunities that we don't have, and you don't necessarily have a boss that clocks your in & out hours or worry if your employees will show up. So each of you look us in the collective eye and tell us your gonna work for us and not the special interest that may be able to keep you there. Can any of you say that you would take measures to correct the entitlements that congressional members have given themselves while the hard working small business owners are busting our asses to make sure we have abided by all the abundant rules, regulations, & taxes that congress has passed on to us? And how?

Are you willing to bail out the insurance companies?
How will you help keep the military strong in Alabama, the US?

What are your top 3 legislative priorities?
How many years have you been in government?
Where do you get the majority of your regional, national and political news?
Why did the majority of health insurance providers pull out of even Alabama before PPACA?
How will you support small business?
How do you feel about identity politics?

How much money from special interests have you taken, and how much of it came from the pharmaceutical companies!!

Are you going to move your family to Washington?

How long do you plan to serve?

Will you support same sex marriage?

What will you do specifically to ensure an Obama Care repeal and replace vote?