The roadbuilders want more money.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cars have gotten more fuel efficient and hundreds of thousands of Alabamians remain out of the workforce and thus not out there commuting to work. That means gas tax revenues have stagnated. The roadbuilders and their political allies all over the state, including the county commissions want more money and that can only come from raising gas taxes on the people of Alabama. However instead of just raising revenues for roads going forward, proponents also want another $billion bond issue so that they can spend 20 years of future revenues in an orgy of pre-election pork barrel road projects before elections Rep. Mac McCutcheon (R from Monrovia) championed higher gas taxes last year. He returns this year as the new Speaker of the House determined to move that legislation this year. Do legislators want to face voters next year having raised everyone’s taxes or do they want to run on the road they got resurfaced?

Excerpt from “2017 Legislative Session Preview” by Brandon Moseley, Alabama Political Reporter

Written by: bigjon

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