Building prisons is Governor Bentley’s number one legislative priority.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

With the state general fund (SGF) in a chronic crisis one would think that massive capital improvement projects would be completely out of the question, but that is actually not the case. Alabama has one of the most overcrowded prison systems outside of North Korea (where the whole country is arguably a prison) and a few hellish dictatorships in the developing world. Somehow Gov. Bentley has convinced himself that the SGF can afford to borrow $800 million to build four super prisons in time to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the state without any new revenue source to pay for this. One would think that this project would be dead on arrival in the legislature; but this highly controversial plan actually almost passed last year and the Gov. is determined to bring it back for another go at it.

Excerpt from “2017 Legislative Session Preview” by Brandon Moseley, Alabama Political Reporter

Written by: bigjon

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